Toilet trailer 2PWC500LT

Maximum number of people: 2

A sanitary trailer for two person. The toilet can be removed from the trailer.

The frame is made from galvanized sheet metal.

Weatherproof electrical system and lights.


  Floor with 50mm XPS thermal insulation, PVC coating
  Walls with 50mm XPS thermal insulation, fiberglass laminate
  Roof with 50mm XPS thermal insulation, galvanized sheet metal
  LED indoor lights with motion sensors
  Corner steadies 4pcs
  Clothes hanger
  Adjustable mechanical ventilation
  Balanced wheels with M+S tires
  Electrical connection 230V-16A
  ASSA locks
  Electrical convector
  Sink with foot pump
  500L waste septic tank
  Window on the door
  Liquid soap dispenser
  Hand towel dispenser
  Toilet paper holder
  Usage indicator on doors (red/green)
  20L fresh water canister
  Gross weigh: 750kg
  Different toilet solutions (sewerage connection, incinerating, septics etc)