Van trailer FSW-MK 750 3,5 × 1,5 AK × 1,7

Bottom and side-opening hatch

A very robust trailer with a lovely design. The radius of the front corner of the trailer significantly reduces wind resistance.

The frame is made from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal, utilizing a bolted assembly.

The trailer is composed of sandwich panels that are weatherproof, heat-resistant and easy to clean.

Weatherproof electrical system and lights.

  Floor made of waterproof plywood
  Walls made of 30 mm XPS thermal insulating glass fiber laminate
  30 mm XPS glass fiber insulated roof
  The load-capacity of the drawbar is 150 kg
  LED indoor lighting
  2 corner support brackets
  Ventilated spaces
  Balanced wheels with M + S tires
  Doors and hatches with waterproof seals
  8 load straps
  Internal dimensions: 1450 × 3455, h - 1500 mm
  External dimensions: 1915 × 4940, h - 2100 mm
  Gross weight: 750 kg
  Unladen weight: 385 kg
  Breaks: NO
  Axle: leaf spring
  Frame: bolted assembly
  Side door
  Spare wheel
  LED tail lights