S190 4M-SUV

Tiny house with a dining room, toilet and one bedroom for two persons.

The trailer has the necessary equipment for permanent residence. Easy to use and maintain.

The frame is made from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal, utilizing a bolted assembly.

Weatherproof electrical system and lights.

   Floor with 60 mm XPS thermal insulation, PVC coating
  Walls made of 50 mm XPS thermal insulating
  70 mm XPS insulated roof
  The load-capacity of the drawbar is 400 kg
  LED indoor lighting in all rooms
  4 corner support brackets
  230V-16A electrical connection with extension cable
  Ventilated spaces
  Balanced wheels with M + S tires
  Double sealed waterproof doors
  2 chairs
  Thetford WC
  Internal dimensions: 2315 × 3980, h - 2200 mm
  External dimensions: 2550 × 5630, h - 3050 mm
  Gross weight: 1600 kg
  Unladen weight: 1530 kg
  Breaks: YES
  Axle: torsion
  Frame: bolted assembly
  Solar panels
  2x 150Ah 12V Lithium battery
  Mirror foil on windows