S169 7M-SUV

Tiny house with a dining room, toilet and bedroom.

Inside measures 724(L)x232(W)x220(H)cm
Gross weight: 3500kg

Suitable for the Nordic climate all-year round.

Autonomous model: possible to use without electrical or water connection.

   XPS insulation 50mm
  Galvanized chassis
  Mirrored windows with roll curtains
  Corner steadies
  Storage box on drawbar
  GAS cinderella toilet
  Bed (with storage below)
  2+2 chairs
  Sinks (kitchen + wc)
  Water connection (inside 2x20L canisters + outside connection)
  Truma gas heater
  Gas stove
  Microwave oven
  LED dimmable lights
  Bio fireplace (methanol)
  Heating (230V heaters)
  230V-16A electrical connection with extension cable
  3x solar panels
  Battery charger
  Inverter 12V
  2x 12V 150Ah battery Lithium