Special Trailer 6M6PSD

Maximum number of people: 6

A dressing room and a two-bedroom crew cabin for six persons.

The heater can be lifted off the frame.

The trailer has a two-fold heating system – it is possible to use diesel, as well as electricity.

The frame is made from hot-dip galvanized sheet metal, utilizing a bolted assembly.

The trailer is composed of sandwich panels that are weatherproof, heat-resistant and easy to clean.

Weatherproof electrical system and lights.

  Floor with 100 mm XPS thermal insulation, PVC coating
  Walls made of 50 mm XPS thermal insulating glass fiber laminate
  55 mm XPS glass fiber insulated roof
  The load-capacity of the drawbar is 400 kg
  LED indoor lighting in all rooms with motion sensors
   4 corner support brackets
  Clothes hangers
  Ventilated spaces
  Balanced wheels with M + S tires
  400 V electrical connection on the trailer
  25 m power cable
  Double sealed waterproof doors
  ASSA locks and locking units
  Wide hot-dip galvanized one-step staircase with a handrail
  LED outdoor lighting with motion sensors
  6 metal wardrobes
  2 × 20 l canisters
  Fire extinguisher
  Medical cabinet
  Electric radiator
  SLEEPING AREA for 4 persons:
  Electric radiator
  2 bunks
  2 closets
  SLEEPING AREA for 2 persons:
  Electric radiator
  One bunk
  Diesel heater
  Fuel tank
  Battery charger
  Internal dimensions: 2314 × 5900, h - 2200 mm
  External dimensions:2550 × 7740, h - 2995 mm
  Gross weight: 2400 kg
  Unladen weight: 2050 kg
  Breaks: YES
  Axle: torsion
  Frame: bolted assembly
  Type of heating: electric and diesel
  Solar panel and batteries
  Gas or diesel heating device
  Custom-made furniture
  Lifting hooks
  Electrical ventilation
  Different toilet solutions (Wanto Mini, ceramic WC, Cinderella, Pacto, etc.)